"To accomplish great things, we must not only act,
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
Anatole France


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Sua Majestade o Circo

Since 1998, the Project Your Majesty of Circus was installed in Maceió, developing work with art-education and theater, making possible the construction of citizenship and the rescue of circus culture in Brazil. The project “Sua Majestade O Circo” is within the Network world Circus Brazil .

Taking part are 178 children and adolescents, between 9 and 23 years old. Nearly 10% of them live in the Jacinitinho neighborhood, they are already at their limit and 90% of the children are from the Vila Emater community (the slum quarter of the lixao da COBEL).

The objective is to develop the spirit and solidarity of the group and at the same time awaken their artistic side - theatrically and with circus art - of children and adolescents “taking a risk”. It promotes the opportunity of learning to the excluded population of society, aiming to consolidate the full exercise of citizenship, through the actions of circus education. They promoting peace, human rights, democracy, and validation of the environment and the recovery of self esteem through presentations.

Project Proposal:

-           Contributing to the full formation of development of human beings.

-           Understanding how active citizens participate in society, economics, politics and social culture and to form on the basis of education, principles of solidarity, ethics, social justice and the ability to exercise their rights of civil and social politics.

-           Interpreting and using cultural products, in public and private contexts, taking care of different institutions.

-             Collaborating with public power in the reduction of children at risk through art-education.

The new project “Changing the lives of catadores’’   will select 40 youths, of various ages, living in Vila Emater (slum of Lixao de Jacarecica) to have the opportunity to experience the basics in; Circus art, theater, dance and music through workshops in acrobatics, high wire, stilts, clowns, equipment usage, theater, music, dance, make-up, choreography, bodies, history of the circus of Brazil and a historical survey of the circus in Alagoas.

Beyond the 40 participants, what will also take place is the weekly attendance of the participant’s families, with psychology of the family, art therapy in the houses of the participants, in association with the residents of the town or crèche. 

  In 2007 Dreams Brazil will initiate their support of Projeto Sua Majestade o Circo with a donation of R$ 3.300 (US$ 1940).